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Verónica & Jérôme

have been working together, exploring

French melodies

for a couple of decades.

· She ·

a versatile mezzo-soprano

who likes to explore opera, early music but also free

improvisation, jazz, scat, swing, French pop songs and more.


· He ·

a classically trained pianist and composer

with the love for blue notes and improvisation.


Together, they hold the promise of an enchanting evening...


· Repertoire ·

Gabriel Fauré

Les berceaux | The cradles


From Trois Mélodies, Op.7 
Après un rêve | After a dream

Ronaldo Hahn
from Chansons grises
Chanson d’automne | Autumn Song

Charles Lecocq 
from Le jour et la nuit
L’air de la baronne | The baroness’ song


Jules Massenet
Élégie | Lament
Nuit d’Espagne | Spanish night

Francis Poulenc
from La courte paille
Le sommeil | The sleep
Quelle aventure ! | What an adventure !
La reine de coeur | The Queen of Heart
Les anges musiciens | Musicians Angels

from Banalités

from Banalité
Voyage à Paris | A trip to Paris

from Fiançailles pour rire
Fleurs | Flowers

Maurice Ravel
from L’Heure Espagnole
Oh! la pitoyable aventure! | Oh! What a pitiful adventure!  

Eric Satie
Café-Concerts Songs

Je te veux | I want you

Allons-y, Chochotte! | Let’s go, Cupcake!

Oscar Straus  
from Drei Waltzer 
Je ne suis pas ce que l’on pense | I am not who you think I am 

Kurt Weill 
Je ne t’aime pas | I don’t love you



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