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· Our New Direction ·

October 2008 · One of my French students talks to me about a project happening at Alexandra Park Road Library. Its manager, Sandra Menzies, and a bunch of regulars would like to create a library’s choir in order to sing some carols for Christmas. Being a trained and passionate singer, we are happy to share what I know and offer my help “just until you find someone serious”...
Here we are 10 years later!

October 2018 · at that point, this group is called ‘AC (Alexandra Chorus)’; a big change from ‘Alexandra Park Road Library Community Choir’ and not the only one… from ‘Frère Jacques’ to the ‘Petite Messe Solennelle’ by Rossini; from a library foyer to St. Andrew’s Church; from singing in unison to four parts; we know now more than ever what we want to bring to the singers who join the group:

Joy, Pleasure, Confidence

through singing!

March 2020 · we realised in 'the new reality' we are all living in that keeping a healthy mind and balanced life is absolutely crucial. For that reason, we have never stopped singing with our ensemble : we have all learn so much during those past years and we are really proud of what we have been able to learn and acheive. Verõnica & Jérôme have managed coaching V&J Ensemble both individually and in group, online and in person, creating a new space for 1to1's and group workshops around deep listening, understanding of the classics as well as introduction to improvisation and harmonising... all done really intuitively and with great enthusiasm! We have also recorded together and produced lovely videos.


Enthusiasm & Trust are keys for anyone to achieve a goal, any goal! With these keys in our sights, we have broadened our pedagogic programme to new directions, fully embracing our work in the music field for more than 20 years. Today we are proud of presenting

· V&J Ensemble ·

Verónica & Jérôme coaching pedagogy works on engaging many senses in the process of learning. This makes each singer's learning more personal, natural and enjoyable and the overall experience extremely powerful. We are embracing and developing the amazing tools that technology offers in order to provide a musical toolbox for our singers.

V&J Ensemble performs a classical repertoire in French, English and Latin and some recently composed music, specifically from the local composer Jérôme Royet and our lyricist Marion Turner. We are always welcoming newcomers, especially men, who would like to experiment professional approach of a classical repertoire, coaching, rehearsals, and performances; those who like to expand their comfort zone and are up to a challenge!


To join us · a sense of pitch rhythm is essential, as well as curiosity about your own voice and harmony, without forgetting, commitment which is the key to quality. We will make sure that you can try a couple of sessions for free and experiment our style of work during our open doors each September. Join our waiting list!


For more information, contact us:

· Repertoire ·

Barcarolle  · OFFENBACK

Les Petites Voix · POULENC

Messe No7 · GOUNOD


Stabat Mater · PERGOLESI

& MORE ···

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· Wednesdays ·

(School Term)

 · 6.50-8.30pm ·

· St Andrew's Church ·

Alexandra Park Road

N10 2DD 

·  2 FREE trials·

How, Where & When ?

Contact us for more info:


The blended sounds we produced evoked for me my favourite colours in a softly woven fabric.


Everyone is very welcoming and Verónica is a very talented and encouraging leader.


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