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*** Verónica's voice is velvet ***

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Verónica is a versatile mezzo-soprano, voice-over & illustrator-designer originally from Geneva. She is raised in a creative & musical environment and participate in shows since a really young age: when she is 3 in · Pitou, L'Enfant-Roi · (1979) produced by the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze, the Genevan music school in which she grows up and study until she is a young adult; over the years, the school makes her discover and develop the Eurhythmics, musical theory, choral work · soloist from the age of 13 · but also the piano, the improvisation, & choreography.



Verónica enters the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London (1998). Her love for the voice in all its forms encourages her to multiply her experiences and projects in this field. She creates her own choir with Jérôme Royet, now called · V&J Ensemble · 

Since 2008, she collaborates in Elizabeth Haydn-Jones’ method  · School-of-Rock-a-by-Babies · as an assistant, a graphic designer and pedagogy and communication coach; not only she sings on the album · Rest & Play ·  but she also designs its cover.




In 2008, Verónica co-create with Jérôme Sounds & Shapes Ltd, their own company which allows her to reunite music & design in a balanced and complementary way. Indeed since her experience working in art therapy with children in Geneva (1994), she often uses drawing to express herself and illustrate movement, music & silence. She has exposed in Geneva, London and New York. Her taste for improvisation grows and pushes her to join different ensembles like · TIC The Improvisers’ Choir · (winner of · Non Classical Battle of the Bands · 2018), a beautiful project by · Dancing with Parkinson’s · (2019) as well as · THAT! Ensemble · a mixed genre group of 4 musicians and physical theatre comedians which explores vocal improvisation, acting and dance. In parallel, her classically trained voice allows Verónica to join the brand new ensemble, · El Parnasso Hispano · a South American early music Quatuor - concerts in Spring 2020.




Verónica’s work with Jérôme on jazz standards and French songs is continuously enriched by her multiple projects and gives its unique patina to their programme ​···

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